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Nota Bene

Below are a few terms I use interchangeably in posts, and some definitions of other terms.

Brains by the Hour

Professional Services Firms, Law Firms, Engineering Consulting Firms, Architectural Firms, etc.


Matter, Project, Work Order, "On Call Services", Retainer, Contract, etc.

ERP Software

Business Software, Case Management Software, Accounting Software, Debits and Credits Software, etc.

Business Process

The other side of the coin from the substantive/technical processes of delivering the product or service. Did $ come into our bank account from the delivery of the product/service, and did that $ exceed the $ associated with delivering the product/service? Engagement Setup, billing, revenue, receivables, payments, engagement costs, etc.

Johnson Rod

Anything pertaining to the technical aspects of the delivery of a product or service. Case law precedent to a lawyer, soil dynamics to a geotechnical engineer, the details of asynchronous I/O to a software engineer, etc.

And yes, my many apologies to Jerry Seinfeld.

Tomato Against the Wall

An engagement management practice where the engagement manager or key engagement staff do not provide timely notice when known that forecasted costs at completion will materially exceed the engagement budget.

Primary symptom is waiting until near the completion of engagement to tell key stakeholders that the engagement will materially overrun the budget when it is too late to take corrective action.

I hope you find this beneficial :-)

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